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Ayin, the Elisir to focus on professional tasks

Elisir 26: Ayin

Helps with focusing on professional tasks, giving the right support to find our inner dimension.

Cheth, the Elisir of the mother figure and motherhood

Elisir 18: Cheth

Governs the relationship with the mother figure, rebalancing its associated dynamics.

Yod, the Elisir of the masculine energy and will

Elisir 20: Yod

Helps to rediscover our essence and the love for ourselves.

Teth, the Elisir that awakens the libido

Elisir 19: Teth

Awakens the primal energy of the individual and his/her libido. 

Zayin, the Elisir of self-affirmation

Elisir 17: Zayin

Helps to conquer our own space and achieve a condition of serenity

Vav, the Elisir that promotes a healthy relationship with food

Elisir 16: Vav

Promotes a healthy relationship with food. Increases the level of patience in every day life.

He, the Elisir which helps to distinguish between true and false

Elisir 15: He

This Elisir helps to distinguish between true and false in order to determine which inner voice we should listen to.

Tzaddy, the Elisir of intuition and concentration

Elisir 28: Tzaddy

Increases our level of concentration. Gives intuition with regards to future events and projects.


Qoph, the Elisir to eliminate conditioning

Elisir 29: Qoph

Helps one to accept life changes and better understand the energy that flows in everything.

Shin, the Elisir of passion

Elisir 31: Shin

Increases the ability to be passionate about things and to “go all the way”

Aleph, the Elisir to transform complex psychological situation

Elisir 11: Aleph

This Elisir helps us to become aware of our responsibilities. 

Beth, the Elisir that promotes good communication

Elisir 12: Beth

This Elisir promotes good communication with the surrounding reality and gives the ability to act promptly in the realisation of practical things.

Lamed, the Elisir to regulate anger management

Elisir 22: Lamed

It helps to look at existence from a different perspective.

Nun, the Elisir to transform fear

Elisir 24: Nun

Helps to connect with others in a balanced way. Develops trust towards others and helps to escape states of excessive isolation.

Samech, the Elisir of the inner spaces

Elisir 25: Samech

Creates the right balance between personal space and relationships, helping to respect and defend the inner space from outside. 

Mem, the Elisir of meditation and compassion

Elisir 23: Mem

Relieves nervous tension, promoting general relaxation and the desire to meditate. Expands the capacity for love and understanding. 

Mix to purify the domestic environment

Home MIX

Perfect mix to bring renewal and purification in the domestic environment.

Room diffuser kit

Room diffuser kit

Room diffuser kit for Elisir, specially designed to re-harmonize the ambients.

A solution for every need

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Bones, spine, vertebrae, cartilage, joint, rib cage Liver Lungs, bronchi, respiratory system Spleen Brain, pituitary gland, pineal gland Large intestine, small intestine, rectum, anus Stomach Kidneys Female reproductive system Heart and circulatory system Teeth and gums Feet Hands Mouth, esophagus, thyroid, larynx Gallbladder Male reproductive system Nervous system Skin, hair Lymphatic system, glands, breast Pancreas Ear Eye Muscles
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