Water of Siloe has brought together practitioners with a wealth of experience in working with patients with a wide variety of conditions. If you are unsure which practitioner to choose please contact us to discuss.


Marco Meloni

United Kingdom

Marco started studying Kabbalah at the age of
18. He trained as a Water of Siloe practitioner
in Italy and is now based in London, UK where
he works as the UK manager and trainer of the
company. Marco has a background in music and
sound therapy, which he incorporates into his


Patrizia Baldin


Patrizia spent most of her life studying and
practicing holistic disciplines. After living in
Australia for several years, she attained her
qualification as an AcuEnergetics operator.
She’s also a qualified Water of Siloe Trainer
& Practicioner. Her unique way of combining
these disciplines has helped develop her approach.

Discover the re-harmonising properties of Water of Siloe

Bones, spine, vertebrae, cartilage, joint, rib cagLiverLungs, bronchi, respiratory systemSpleenBrain, pituitary gland, pineal glandLarge intestine, small intestine, rectum, anusStomachKidneysFemale reproductive systemHeart and circulatory systemTeeth and gumsFeetHandsMouth, esophagus, thyroid, larynxGallbladderMale reproductive systemNervous systemSkin, hair Lymphatic system, glands, breastPancreasEarEyeMuscles Breast