Vibrational Water – Kabbalah and the Pathways to Healing

Pubblicato il 8 September 2018 da Marco Marini

Vibrational Water – Kabbalah and the Pathways to Healing

Many spiritual traditions teach that creation began with sound or vibration. In India the sacred syllable ‘Om’ is thought to give rise to all creative emanations. In the Christian faith the understanding is that ‘In the beginning was the word’ signifying that sound is the primary creative force. The Kabbalah also teaches that the universe was created with vibrations. These vibrations became the primordial foundations of everything that exists, manifesting into the world different aspects of the original creator. The vibrations initially appear as ten essential aspects or platonic ideas known as the Sephiroth. They are often referred to as the organizing principles of the world or the original blueprint of creation. This is reflected in the Etz Haim or Kabbalistic Tree of Life. The ten Sephiroth, and the relationship pathways between them, offer insight into the natural forces of creation and how they relate to each other. Since creation is not a one-off occurrence, but rather an open-ended process, the Sephiroth are continuously acting both within the world and within each individual. In this way, every person is a co-creator of reality along with the universe.

Because we are part of creation as an extension of the original creator the ten essential aspects, or Sephiroth are also part of our human nature. In this way, the various aspects of the Sephiroth are accessible to us as part of the inherent qualities we are born with. The qualities as embodied by each Sefirot are as follows: Keter (Crown), Chokmah (Wisdom), Binah (Understanding/Intelligence), Chesed (Mercy), Geburah (Severity). Tiphareth (Beauty), Netzach (Victory), Hod (Glory—Splendor), Yesod (Foundation), Malkuth (Reign). Each Sephiroth and the relationship between them expresses a particular quality or dimension of being. Going into depth here is beyond the scope of this article, they are mentioned at this point as a way to introduce the aspects of ourselves that reflect our true nature. The ten Sephiroth are often shown portrayed on a mystical being called Adam Kadmon, or Primordial Man. This formation illustrates the Sephiroth's relationship to the human body. Most of us have lost touch with these essential qualities or have imbalanced expressions of each over a lifetime of social conditioning and ego development; which has more or less taken the place of these primordial aspects. But they can be reactivated and restored to their prime position in our lives through practice and various other modalities of healing.
This activation is what allows us to live in harmony with the divine plan or universal rhythms of nature. When we let our ego structures dominate our lives we often run into dis-harmony, conflict, and suffering.

Activating the Pathways.
In mystical Kabbalah, the Sephiroth specific sound prayers can be used to create channels called Tzinnorot in order to connect the various Sephiroth to each other. The creation of these channels through sound prayer facilitates greater balance in our lives, helping to cease the constant internal struggles and civil war within us. This allows us to start tuning into the inner voice of our own higher wisdom and intuition as it seeks to rekindle the awakening of our higher soul.

Aside from sound incantations, which are ultimately vibrations, the Hebrew symbols associated with each Sephiroth and the interconnecting pathways, also have the capacity to activate the reconnection to the essential aspects they represent. This point will be discussed later in following articles.

Water as the key medium of activation

Water’s capacity to exhibit ‘memory’, or to retain vibrational impressions within its crystalline molecular structure has been widely studied over the last century by various scientists and research centres worldwide. Although this knowledge is ancient, it has now been extensively substantiated by peer-reviewed research and the results are now accessible to anyone interested in exploring this remarkable phenomenon for themselves.

Water of Siloe harnesses this memory retention capacity of water by imprinting each water-based Elisir with a unique vibrational signature based on the various frequencies associated with the Sephiroth and the interconnecting pathways in the Tree of Life. Each Elisir is also encoded with a particular electromagnetic frequency associated with colour as well as, an astrological symbol. This combination of water’s ability to hold information and the imprint of a vibrational signature is what gives Water of Siloe its incredible healing potential. What is produced is a unique and highly specified catalyst for energy recalibration and healing on a multitude of levels.

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