Water: Life Giver and Healer

Pubblicato il 24 July 2019 da admin

Much is known about the extraordinary role of water in creating and sustaining life. However, there's still much to learn about how water stimulates evolution and maintains and balances the environment, constantly encouraging greater proliferation, interdependence and integrity in all living creation. 

Have you ever wondered how water originated? How it acquired its basic qualities, and the all-important cycles it performs in the atmosphere, on the Earth’s surface, in our seas & oceans, and the interior, in plants and other living organisms, and especially within the human body. Much of this is now known to mainstream science. 

When examining water's qualities as an organism with biology's new quantum view of how water is able to perform its complex roles in communication, balancing energies, storing information. It examines the challenge of holism and evolution, with a summary of the effects of climate change on water supplies. 

Substantial research in this field includes: Mae-Wan Ho's research into the long-range order or coherence of water & Martin Chaplin’s on the importance of biological cell water and its two states; Viktor Schauberger’s discovery of the importance of vortexical movement of water; Theodor Schwenk’s evidence for how water conveys cosmic patterns to life forms; Jacques Beneviste’s evidence for memory in water; Cleve Backster’s research into biocommunication, andMasaru Emoto's for its sensitivity to the emotions, music and pollution. 

A wide range of other aspects of water also include: dowsing, planting by the Moon, water birthing, water as an engine fuel, why the best surfers are mystics, evolutionary theories, how planetary movements affect bud growth, trees as biocondensers of energy, what’s so special about biodiversity - and many more! 

Part II includes practical material on the causes and likely outcome of the coming world crisis with water, and a study of some of the solutions. Much information is given on how to access the best quality of living water for our health, and various water treatments; the perils of bottled and distilled water, etc. 

This article shows, in the simple language of holistic science, how water's role as the stage manager of life is really a partnership (as co-creator) with the field of quantum energy (which some call "the God field") that surrounds us.