Room diffuser kit

Room diffuser kit

Room diffuser kit

The room diffuser kit is specially designed to re-harmonize your home or your work environment. Choose from the elemental Elixirs or those associated with the zodiac signs to make the environment resonate with yourself. Take your Elixir, replace the cap and activate the diffuser by inserting the three natural wood sticks.

Works with all Elixirs of the #HOME & AMBIENTS section


Price: 7.00 GBP (VAT included)

Code: WOSD

No animal derivatives. No nickel (Nickel free).

Discover the re-harmonising properties of Water of Siloe

Bones, spine, vertebrae, cartilage, joint, rib cagLiverLungs, bronchi, respiratory systemSpleenBrain, pituitary gland, pineal glandLarge intestine, small intestine, rectum, anusStomachKidneysFemale reproductive systemHeart and circulatory systemTeeth and gumsFeetHandsMouth, esophagus, thyroid, larynxGallbladderMale reproductive systemNervous systemSkin, hair Lymphatic system, glands, breastPancreasEarEyeMuscles Breast