Kether, the Elixir of the superior connection

Elixir 01: Kether

The Elixir of the superior connection and ascension. It helps to rediscover our spiritual gifts.

Cheth, the Elixir of the mother figure and motherhood

Elixir 18: Cheth

Governs the relationship with the mother figure, rebalancing its associated dynamics.

Mix for a better parent-child communication

Parent-child relationship MIX

Perfect Mix to improve communication between parents and children.

Mix to promote family abundance and expansion

Family expansion MIX

Perfect Mix to improve harmony and abundance in the family.

Mix to help with finding stability

Stability MIX

Perfect Mix to promote a state of stability. Excellent to help with putting down roots in a house or a place. 

Mix to purify the domestic environment

Home MIX

Perfect Mix to bring renewal and purification in the domestic environment.

Mix to re-harmonise the energetic DNA

Genealogy MIX

Perfect Mix to reset the dystonic information related to one’s own energetic DNA.

Discover the re-harmonising properties of Water of Siloe

Bones, spine, vertebrae, cartilage, joint, rib cagLiverLungs, bronchi, respiratory systemSpleenBrain, pituitary gland, pineal glandLarge intestine, small intestine, rectum, anusStomachKidneysFemale reproductive systemHeart and circulatory systemTeeth and gumsFeetHandsMouth, esophagus, thyroid, larynxGallbladderMale reproductive systemNervous systemSkin, hair Lymphatic system, glands, breastPancreasEarEyeMuscles Breast