Discover your Water of Siloe Elixirs

The Elixirs derive directly from the Tree of Life, a symbol made of 32 fundamental archetypes. In this ancient symbol, which expresses the force of Creation, every element resonates with the other in perfect harmony. Using the Elixirs will enable you to connect with the right frequency to re-balance the element it is associated with. Choose those more suitable to your needs, choosing by colour, shape of the symbol or characteristic. Rediscover your perfect harmony, choosing between the many possible “notes”.



Discover the re-harmonising properties of Water of Siloe

Bones, spine, vertebrae, cartilage, joint, rib cagLiverLungs, bronchi, respiratory systemSpleenBrain, pituitary gland, pineal glandLarge intestine, small intestine, rectum, anusStomachKidneysFemale reproductive systemHeart and circulatory systemTeeth and gumsFeetHandsMouth, esophagus, thyroid, larynxGallbladderMale reproductive systemNervous systemSkin, hair Lymphatic system, glands, breastPancreasEarEyeMuscles Breast