Kether, the Elixir of the superior connection

Elixir 01: Kether

The Elixir of the superior connection and ascension. It helps to rediscover our spiritual gifts.

Chokmah, the Elixir that supports new projects

Elixir 02: Chokmah

Positively affects our relation with what we own and what we should sow during our existence.

Binah, the Elixir to increase the level of wisdom

Elixir 03: Binah

Increases the level of wisdom. Helps to reflect and take time before making an important decision.

Chesed, the Elixir of construction, realisation and abundance

Elixir 04: Chesed

This Elixir is associated with construction, realisation and increasing abundance and richness.

Geburah, the Elixir to manage the most powerful human energies

Elixir 05: Geburah

Redefines the relationship with the most powerful and uncontrolled human energies.

Tiphareth, the Elixir of a new conception of love

Elixir 06: Tiphareth

Opens the path to a new way of conceiving love.

Netzach, the Elixir to rebalance the emotional sphere

Elixir 07: Netzach

This Elixir can be used to rebalance the emotional sphere and the relationship with one's partner.

Hod, the Elixir to purify thoughts

Elixir 08: Hod

Purifies our thoughts and helps to reorganize them in an effective and functional way. 

Yesod, the Elixir to re-harmonise sexual energy

Elixir 09: Yesod

This Elixir is associated with all matters related to sexuality.

Malkuth, the Elixir of practicality

Elixir 10: Malkuth

The use of this Elixir may help in all the practical aspects of life.

Aleph, the Elixir to transform complex psychological situation

Elixir 11: Aleph

This Elixir helps us to become aware of our responsibilities. 

Beth, the Elixir that promotes good communication

Elixir 12: Beth

This Elixir promotes good communication with the surrounding reality and gives the ability to act promptly in the realisation of practical things.

Ghimel, the Elixir to overcome the fear to be ourselves

Elixir 13: Ghimel

It helps to overcome the fear to be and manifest ourselves.

Daleth, the Elixir that opens to love and emotion

Elixir 14: Daleth

Positively influences the emotional states, in particular after a traumatic episode.

He, the Elixir which helps to distinguish between true and false

Elixir 15: He

This Elixir helps to distinguish between true and false in order to determine which inner voice we should listen to.

Vav, the Elixir that promotes a healthy relationship with food

Elixir 16: Vav

Promotes a healthy relationship with food. Increases the level of patience in every day life.

Zayin, the Elixir of self-affirmation

Elixir 17: Zayin

Helps to conquer our own space and achieve a condition of serenity

Cheth, the Elixir of the mother figure and motherhood

Elixir 18: Cheth

Governs the relationship with the mother figure, rebalancing its associated dynamics.

Teth, the Elixir that awakens the libido

Elixir 19: Teth

Awakens the primal energy of the individual and his/her libido. 

Yod, the Elixir of the masculine energy and will

Elixir 20: Yod

Helps to rediscover our essence and the love for ourselves.

Kaph, the Elixir to re-harmonise psychological imbalances

Elixir 21: Kaph

Great courage to face eixstence. Helps to re-harmonise states of obsession and psychological imbalances.

Lamed, the Elixir to regulate anger management

Elixir 22: Lamed

It helps to look at existence from a different perspective.

Mem, the Elixir of meditation and compassion

Elixir 23: Mem

Relieves nervous tension, promoting general relaxation and the desire to meditate. Expands the capacity for love and understanding. 

Nun, the Elixir to transform fear

Elixir 24: Nun

Helps to connect with others in a balanced way. Develops trust towards others and helps to escape states of excessive isolation.

Samech, the Elixir of the inner spaces

Elixir 25: Samech

Creates the right balance between personal space and relationships, helping to respect and defend the inner space from outside. 

Ayin, the Elixir to focus on professional tasks

Elixir 26: Ayin

Helps with focusing on professional tasks, giving the right support to find our inner dimension.

Peh, the Elixir of memories and truth

Elixir 27: Peh

Helps one to be truthful towards others and ourselves, giving birth to a new pathway.

Tzaddy, the Elixir of intuition and concentration

Elixir 28: Tzaddy

Increases our level of concentration. Gives intuition with regards to future events and projects.

Qoph, the Elixir to eliminate conditioning

Elixir 29: Qoph

Helps one to accept life changes and better understand the energy that flows in everything.

Resh, the Elixir to understand our real needs

Elixir 30: Resh

Enhances listening skills and the ability to understand our needs and necessities. 

Shin, the Elixir of passion

Elixir 31: Shin

Increases the ability to be passionate about things and to “go all the way”

Tav, the Elixir of matter and money

Elixir 32: Tav

Promotes a healthy relationship with matter, acting directly on the mood. Fixes issues related to money and property.

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Bones, spine, vertebrae, cartilage, joint, rib cagLiverLungs, bronchi, respiratory systemSpleenBrain, pituitary gland, pineal glandLarge intestine, small intestine, rectum, anusStomachKidneysFemale reproductive systemHeart and circulatory systemTeeth and gumsFeetHandsMouth, esophagus, thyroid, larynxGallbladderMale reproductive systemNervous systemSkin, hair Lymphatic system, glands, breastPancreasEarEyeMuscles Breast